Adbadri to become international meditation centre, names to be made abroad : Dainik Jagaran





Popin Panwar’ Yamunanagar

Adbadri Heart is a touching place. This site attracts people. There is also spiritual power. Here, the mind gets peace. As positive energy is being found here, the focus centre can be made here. Will talk to the central government about it. People from all over the world will be able to meditate here. They have not yet seen so much energy and wonderful site in life as it is.

It is to say that Vata Paah Nanchat (International Forest Meditation Centre, Thailand) monastery chief Acharya Kewali (from German). He is accompanied by Acharya Rochno of Nepal and Acharya Mahapanyo on a visit to ancient Buddhist sites in the state for two days.

Representatives from the Monastery of Thailand, the representative of the International Forest Meditation Centre, which came to India from the monastery in Thailand, at the forefront of the Buddhist stupa at Chanati in Yamunanagar, chief Acharya Kewali ‘ Jagran ‘

Stunned to see the remains

The delegation visited the Buddhist sites at the ancient three Adbadri, Chanti and Sugh. Meditated here and worshipped. After the puja, Acharya Kewali said that the place has the potential to be attracted. Buddhist monasteries run in solitude. Adbadri has all these features. On the phone, Padamshree Darshan Lal Jain talked about religion and culture here. He also known about saraswati and river Yamuna. Got information about their importance. It also received information about Haryanvi culture and religions. The 2300-year-old Buddhist stupa was amazed.

These are the features of Adbadri

Adbadri is a religious place surrounded by mountains. That is where the origin of the river Saraswati is there. Kedarnath is the temple of Adbadri Temple and Hill Mata Mantra Devi. The relics associated with Buddhism have also been found during the Khodai.

Need for Ease: Siddharth

Siddhartha Gori, president of the Buddhist Forum, said that in the past also, a delegation of Buddhist monks has come to Adbadri. At that time, it was the final to open a sadhana centre. In the delegation, Mahapanyo said that he is a resident of Haryana. Buddhist masters from 37 countries live in the international centre where they are practicing in Thailand. Buddhism emerged from India 2500 years ago. There is a dumpy ringing abroad but we are lagging behind. The delegation has come for publicity on the visit to remove this backwardness. The chief Acharya Kewali had a sermon in the Buddhist gone. There are sites of Buddhism in Haryana. These need to be handled. Just as Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have done the work of promoting Buddhist sites, it should be here also.

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