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AJIT BARUA                                                                          Message from Ajit Barua

As a Buddhist by birth Bangladesh is has been a destined place for me because I have learned and practice Buddhist religion and culture on this holy land. According to historian Buddhism has flourished since the rein of King Asoka. Chittagong is one of the important place in Bangladesh when we talk about ancient Buddhist monuments.

Today also in Bangladesh we have rich heritage remains of ancient Buddhist sites. Somapura Mahavihara in Paharpur   is among the best known Buddhist viharas in the Indian Subcontinent and is one of the most important archeological sites in the country. It was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.

It gave me immense pleasure when I came to know that “The Buddhist Forum” an N.G.O   from India state Haryana has started an international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” for the preservation o the Buddhist sites and monuments all over Asia. I feel that it is a campaign has potential to being all religions on a common platform peace and universal brotherhood.
Economic growth by building tourism sector with the promotion of the ancient Buddhist sites is positive practical side of the campaign.I on the behalf of the “Bangladesh Buddhist Association” we lend our full support to the people who are working and supporting this campaign around the world. In the end I convey my best wishes for the success of this campaign.

Let peace be our virtue.
Ajit Barua    Chairman,Bangladesh Buddhist Association, Chittagong

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