Ashoka Edict Park to be developed as tourism: Patel (Dainik Jagaran)





Union Minister Prahlad Singh Patel visited the Ashoka Edict Park in Topra Kalan village on Saturday. He said the park will be developed as a tourism. So here

Jagran correspondent, Yamunanagar: Union Minister Prahlad Singh Patel visited the Ashoka Idict Park in Topra Kalan village on Saturday. He said the park will be developed as a tourism. So that tourism can be promoted here. He was accompanied by Education Minister Kanawarpal and former Mos Karandev Kanboj. He then came to know the house of Padamshree Darshan Lal Jain. Jain asked the tourism minister to work more on the river Saraswati so that holy water flows into the river Saraswati at the earliest. The expansion of adbadri area was also discussed. Siddhartha Gauri, president of the Buddhist Forum, briefed him about the Ashok Chakra and park in detail. He said that five acres are being prepared at a cost of two crore rupees. Ashoka records will also be written here to provide history related information. A community centre has been set up in his name. Gauri told him that the Ashok pillar from the village was taken from Ferozshah Tughlak Yamunanagar to Delhi. It is under process of re-establishing it. The construction of the country’s largest Ashok Chakra has cost 45 lakh. It is 30 feet. It has 6 tonnes of iron and 3 tonnes of other material. Has applied for lodging in limca Book of Records. PM Modi to arrive in May Siddhartha told the Union minister that a national level programme is proposed to be organized at Tora Kala in May 2020. He has demanded the minister to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the principal date in the programme. He assured him that he would keep his point before the Prime Minister. Important information to be written on column

Emperor Ashoka establishes pillars displaying his seven kingdom commandments. This pillar was the only pillar of the entire monolithic India on which they had all the seven kingdom commandments. In the 13th century, Ferozshah took the Tughlak pillar with him to Delhi. The name minaret a connect, which is meant in the Hindi, is a pillar of gold. Once again, the importance of this pillar comes to the fore in the British period. This is how Delhi was taken to pillar

A 42-wheeled train was prepared to take it from Tora to the river Yamuna, which was pulled by eight thousand people. In the 18th century, Alexander Kingham first proved that this pillar was brought from Tora Kalan. His colleague, James Prisep, first read the message written in Brahmy Lippi.

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