Biggest Iron Dharma Chakra of India

Buddha in his life time visited state Haryana , it was here Buddha delivered Mahasatipatthana sutta , the most important sutras of His life time and presently it called Vipassana or mindfulness meditation . After this several dynastic rulers developed commemorative Buddhist monuments , which with later passage of time got ruined under invasion attacks. In present time the Buddhist Forum (N.G.0) made local people sensitize about their ancient Buddhist heritage and planed for first ever park on the edicts of Emperor Asoka, whose pioneer efforts made possible to introduce the teachings of the Buddha to the world community .

Before establishing the park , it was decided by the Buddhist Forum to set up a Dharma Chakra, which will shower His blessing on us in reestablishing Dharma teachings on this part of land.


The Dharma Chakra, the symbol of a ‘wheel’, was commonly used in early Buddhist art, before the introduction of Buddha image. In those days, the Dharma Chakra symbolized not only the Buddha’s teachings but the Buddha himself. The Buddha’s first discourse at the Deer Park in Sarnath is known as the “first turning of the wheel of dharma”. About  200 years after mahaparinirvana of the Buddha, the Emperor Asoka, adopted Dharma Chakra on various edict pillars that he installed throughout his huge empire, which included most of the Indian sub-continent, for the propagation of Dharma. The Dharma Chakra is now rechristened as Asoka Chakra as depicted on Indian National Flag.

Spiritual Significance

A Dharma Chakra has 24 spokes, it symbolizes the Buddha’s core teaching of dependent origination about which he said : “Whoever sees dependent coarising sees the Dhamma; whoever sees the Dhamma sees dependent coarising.” In its classical formulation,the law of dependent origination has 12 links:

  1. Ignorance
  2. Mental formations/volitions
  3. Sense- sphere consciousness
  4. “Name” and “Form” (mind and matter)
  5. The six senses
  6. Contact
  7. Feelings
  8. Cravings/longings/desires
  9. Clinging
  10. Becoming
  11. Birth
  12. All the sufferings

The 24 spokes of the Chakra represent these links in the forward order leading to rebirth and suffering; and in the reverse order leading to cessation of suffering.

Biggest  iron Dharma Chakra of India

Buddha in his life time visited Haryana. It was here that the Buddha delivered Mahasatipatthana sutta, probably the most important of his teachings which is the basis of  Vipassana or mindfulness meditation . After a few centuries of his mahaparinirvana several rulers developed commemorative Buddhist monuments, many of which were ruined due to invasions. Most important of these is Emperor Asoka, who established rock and pillar edicts throughout his huge empire to inspire his subjects and future generations.

The Buddhist Forum (NG0) is sensitizing the citizens of Haryana towards their ancient Buddhist heritage. To further this objective, a park has been planned where replicas of all the edicts of Emperor Asoka would be installed. It is also proposed to install a Dharma Chakra, to shower Lord Buddha’s blessing on this land and inspire us to re-establish his Dharma teachings.

Topra Kalan

The present village of Topra Kalan in district Kurukshetra , was considered to be the prime centre of trade and economic activities. During the reign of Emperor Asoka, an edict’s pillar was erected in Topra Kalan and this is the only pillar in which 7 royal edicts of Emperor Asoka  were engraved which advised the people how  to lead a righteous life with humanistic values. During 14th century, Feroz Shah Tughlaq transported this massive edict pillar from Topra Kalan to Kotla ,New Delhi. The Asoka park is being set up in this very village, thanks to the generous support of the villagers.

The Buddhist Forum

The Buddhist form was founded by Sidhartha Gauri and Dr.Satyadeep Neil Gauri for promotion of the ruined ancient Buddhist heritage sites scattered all across the Asia. The founders are thankful to the professionals, who joined Team Dharma Chakra and volunteered in giving their valuable inputs in sphere of Art and engineering in making of this Dharma Chakra.

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