Buddhist site at Dhamnihawa

The site has two ancient stupas, which are believed to be the stupas of King Suddhodana and step mother Gautami. Extensive exploration and excavation all around the ancient stupa. Need promotional plans.... Read more »

Buddhist site at Ramagram

The Koliyas obtained one of the eight part of the Buddha’s relic which they enshrined here and built a magnificent stupa and worshipped for a long time. Buddha literary sources mention that... Read more »

Buddhist site at Kudan

The ancient Nyagrodharma, where King Suddhodana met the Buddha, first time after his renunciation lies about 3km southwest of Taulihawa. This is the site where Prajapati Gautami, his second mother offered robe... Read more »

Buddhist site at Sagarhawa

About 12km north of Taulihawa lies the forest of Sagarhawa, with a long lake known as Lumbusagar. In this site, the Sakyas were massacred by King Virudhaka out of vengeance. The entire... Read more »

Buddhist site at Araurakot

About 3 km northwest of Niglihawa lies a rectangular fortified area popularly known as Araurakot, which believed to be the natal town of Kanakmuni Buddha. The rectangular fortification wall is magnificent even... Read more »

Buddhist site at Niglihawa

Niglihawa lies about 8km northeast of Taulihawa. It is the birthplace of Kanakmuni, the second Buddha of Bhadrakalpa. The site shelters and Asoka pillar erected by Emperor Asoka in 249 BC. The... Read more »

Buddhist site at Tilaurakot

The ancient captial of Sakya kingdom (Kapilavastu) is located about 27km west of Lumbini. Tilaurakot houses the vestiges of ancient Sakya palace where Siddhartha lived his early 29 years as a prince.... Read more »