Buddhist Stupa At Ambaran

ambaranLocation                    :    Akhnoor, Distt. Jammu
Situation                   :    right bank of river Chenab, Ambaran
Under Protection       :    Archaeological Survey of India
Period                       :    2nd century B.C

This site is believes to be inhabited during Mauryan period although no such evidences have been found. The Buddhist monastic establishment was founded here is of Kushan period. A stupa, votive stupas and walls of a monastery and another long structure were explored which all are built of burnt brick masonry. The bricks usually found here are in size 36 to 38 x 24 x 6 to 7 cm. . Among other important antiquities recovered from the site during excavation were a large number of decorative terracotta figures and twelve circular copper coins.

Present situation

1.    The monuments at the site are miserable condition.
2.    The site lacks the effective preservation measures adopted by authority.

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