Buddhist Stupa At Chaneti

ch1Location                                 : Village Chaneti District Yamuna Nagar.
Situation                                : Outside the village
Under Protection of           : Department of Archaeological and Museums, Haryana
Period                                      : Circa 3rd Century BC

Historical Description : During the reign of Mauryan king Ashok, the ancient city of Shrughna (modern Sugh) became an important center of Buddhism. As mentioned in the travel account of the Chinese pilgrim Yuan Chwang this place was adorned by tens of stupas and a monastery. The village Chaneti is about 3 kms. North-west of Sugh. This Stupa at Chaneti must have been one of the tens of stupas referred by Yuan Chwang. To construct this baked brick stupa, concentric layers were put one over the other, each time leaving some space on the underlying layer, so that the whole structure should give a hemispherical look. Thus, this stupa corresponds to the Shahpur and Dharmarajika stupas at Taxila. No traces of stone railing surrounding this stupa were found. Probably, it might have been wooden railings. At the top of the stupa square space about 1.5 meter was found filled with earth. This was place for the harmika which bore the chhatravali (umbrella). Four shrines in four directions near the old circumambulatory path (Pradakshina Path) were added to the stupa during Kushana Period and new pathway was built below to walk around.

Present Situation
i) The ancient site of stupa acquired does not have complete security fencing for the historical monument.
ii) There is no proper security system available on the site. Children from the village generally play and run over this stupa.
iii) According to the villagers of Chaneti the excavation and renovation of stupa started in the year 2005 but from 2008 onwards no work has been done on this site. There were several press reports in various newspapers about inefficient working of the Govt. undertaking employees involved in renovation.
iv) The bricks used in renovation on dome have started falling which indicate the lack of concern in handling out the renovation of the stupa.
v) Due to the constant exposure of weather conditions the ancient bricks on the dome are under the process of erosion.
vi) Due to improper care of stupa, grass and bushes have grown over it
vii) The renovation and preservation of stupa has not been done as per archeological techniques.

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