Buddhist Stupa At Kurukshetra

ku1Location : Kurukshetra University, District Kurukshetra.
Situation : Between Brahamsarovar and Inside Kurukshetra University Opp. Arts Faculty
Under Protection of : To be acquire by Department of Archaeological and Museums, Haryana
Period : 7th century A.D

Historical Description : Buddhism, however, seemed to have received a fresh lease during the reign of the Puspabhutis. Rajyavardhana has been mentioned as Parama Saugata in Harsa;s Madhuvan and Banskhera inscriptions. It was however during the long rule of Harsavardhana that Buddhism received an impetus again in the region. The Chinese pilgrim Yuan Chawang, who visited India during his time describes three Buddhist monasteries with more than 700 Hinayanists at Thanesar. We have already referred to the Ashokan stupas seen by him at the site mentioned above. Though he does not specifically mention any stupas still in worship at the time of his visit, yet such stupas may have existed then. The remains of one such stupa may still be seen on an elevated ground between the Brahma Sarovara and the Kurukshetra University. It is lying in a neglected and dilapidated state now and seems to have been opened by someone as is indicated by a cleft in its solid brick core. When and by whom, nobody knows.

Present Situation
i) The ancient site of stupa is in the process of being acquisition by the Department of Archaeological and Museums, Haryana but does not have complete security fencing for the historical monument.
ii) No security system is available and main gate is also broken at the site. Generally the students from university use this site in their free time.
iii) Bushes and unwanted huge grass are growing casually around the site.
iv) A publication of Department of Archaeological and Museums, Haryana in 1989 (Buddhist remains) showed the picture of stupa page 23, which showed an almost complete dome with a slit. The dome, however, has now been reduced almost to its half.

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  1. could you please tell me the exact location of buddhist stupa in kurukshetra its lattitidue and longitude and also how to reach there

    1. Shubham please visit kurukshetra and go to brahma sarovar ..just near brahma sarovar west side is this superb place…now it’s well maintained and worth visiting …all the best

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