Buddhist Stupa At Mothihari

k m 1Location                                :    Motihari , Distt. East Champaran
Situation                                :    Village kesaria
Under Protection              :    Archaeological Survey of India
Period                                     :    2nd – 7th century A.D

Motihari is reported to have the tallest and the largest Buddhist Stupa in the world, following its discovery in 1998 through excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India. The stupa is six floored structure. There are several niches provided in the stupa which were made to keep the idols of Buddha.  At present the stupa touches a height of 104 feet which might have been reduced due to the natural calamities from its original height. It is still one foot taller than the famous Borobodur Stupa in Java which in past was considered to be the highest stupa of the world. Legend states that Buddha, on his last Journey is reported to have spent a memorable night at Kesaria .

Present Situation
1.    The ancient site of stupa does not have any complete security fencing.
2.    The children’s from local village play over the stupa .
3.    Trespassers and visitors also tend to disturb the idols currently installed in the stupa.
4.     Animals like goats and cows are found grazing over the stupa .
5.     The half of the stupa is still unexcavated and other half stupa which was renovated some times back has also started degrading.
6.    Illicit writings are commonly observed on the stupa.

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