Buddhist Stupa At Nalasopara

nala mLocation                       : Nala Sopara , distt. Thane
: Karad , distt.    Satara
Situation                      : Burud Rajache Kot mound in Nirmal
: Agaswa Hill near village Jakhinwadi
Under Protection     : Archeological Survey of India
Period                            : 3rd century B.C
: 2nd century B.C

Nala Sopara
In ancient times, it was the largest township on India’s west coast, trading with Mesopotamia, Egypt, Cochin, Arabia and Eastern Africa. Proof of Ashokan inscriptions have also been recovered from Sopara, Buddhist text gives details that is was a prominent Buddhist area. During excavation ruins of a Buddhist Stupa were found. From the center of the stupa (inside a brick built chamber) a large stone coffer was excavated which contained eight bronze images of Maitreya Buddha which belong to the 8th-9th century A.D. The coffer contained a relic caskets, numerous gold flowers and fragments of a begging bowl. A silver coin of Gautamiputra Satakarni was also found from the mound.

Karad caves
The first mention of Karad appears in an inscription by Karad pilgrims at the Bharhut Stupa near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. The caves were first described by Sir Bartle Frere in 1849, and arranged into three series: the southern group of twenty-three caves, near the village of Jakhinvadi; nineteen eaves, in the south-east face of the northern spur; and twenty-two scattered caves facing the Koyna valley. Besides these sixty-three caves there are many small excavations.

Present situation
Nala Sopara stupa
1.    The remains of this stupa are lying in neglected condition
2.    The stupa is constantly eroding day by day.
2.    Proper preservation and restoration work has not been done so far.
3.    Security measures are not effective at the site.

Karad caves
1.     The monuments caves are disgraced by illicit slogans written by casual visitors.
2.     No proper security system is available on the site. Generally locals enjoy drinks and party in these sacred caves.
3.    There is no check on trespasser.

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  1. Once upon time. The India was reach by all means, cultural, social, economical. lot of people were coming in India to see its richness. Like today all are going to USA. Now the India is Backward country why?. Because India has change its culture. we forgot Lord Buddha and his teachings and the Golden sparrow become crow.

  2. this illegal trespassers and harming to buddhist caves must be stopped now….the local govt is neglecting the situation. actually I have visited there…. at the site i found there a hanuman mandir and a sadhu lives there…. why not any of our monk make there a permanent stay… as that site it not important in the view of archeological dept…. then who will look after that…. hindus are already active in demolition of buddha caves and temples… hindus will soon deconstructs these caves if we fail to protect them now…

  3. This is a bad situation everywhere about the buddhist historical places. Can we do something to make governmental systems act in accordance to preserve these places.

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