Buddhist Stupa At Panguria & Talpur

Location                       :     Vill. Panguria and Vill. Talpura , Distt. Sehore
Situation                      :     500 m from the Budhni-Rehti road
Under Protection       :     Archeological Survey of India
Period                           :     3rd century B.C


Saru-Maru-ki-Kothadi contains two Ashokan inscriptions: one of them is a Minor Rock Edict. Dozens of  stupas with their diameters ranging from 2 to 16 meters have been noticed.  Water troughs within rubble enclosures have been located. On the ground level, in front of the site is the maha-stupa, about 76 meter in diameter and also a Pradakshina-patha. A trial trench in the centre of the stupa revealed its filling.

To the east of the above complex at the distance of 20 meters two stupas have been found adjoining each other and are comparatively well-preserved. The stupas are surrounded by 1.0 m wide and 1.50 m high terrace, with steps. A stone with mortise for the shaft of the chhatra and 21-cm corner upright have holes for fixing railing stones were discovered. It may be noted that the central portion of the stupas has been systematically plundered. A stone slab bearing an inscription in Asokan Brahmi characters, was collected from the village.

1.     The site does not have the fencing in order to check the trespassers.
2.     Lack of proper security system at the site.
3.     Bushes and unwanted huge grass are growing casually around the site.

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