Buddhist Stupa At Phanigiri

phan11Location                     :    village Phanigiri , Distt. Nalagonda
Situation                    :    left bank ofthe  Aleru
Under Protection        :    Dept. of Archaeology and Museums,Andra Pradesh
Period                         :   1st Century B.C

The excavations brought to light a Mahastupa, chaityagrihas, votive stupas, pillared congregation halls, viharas, platforms with staircases at various levels, sculptural panels with Brahmi label inscriptions of the Satavahana and Ikshvaku times, apart from the early historic culture milieu datable to the period between the 1st Century B.C. to 3rd Century A.D
   It is observed that the Mahastupa, votive stupas, apsidal chaityagrihas, sixteen pillared congregation hall, stone pillared congregation hall, brick shrine and refectory are located at an higher contour, on the south and western side of the site, whereas the viharas, pillared congregation hall and platforms with staircases are located at the lower level on the eastern and northern side of the monastry. To connect the structures, located at different levels, several staircases were provided wherever necessary. It appears that the architects might have surveyed and studied the contours on the hilltop and rightly exploited the contours and developed several terraces by leveling the undulating surfaces with rubble mixed with soil as packing material and finally planned the structural edifices of the religious and secular nature at appropriate places as per their requirement. Further, rock-cut tanks and cisterns on sloppy summits of the hillock were built to collect and store rain water to cater the needs of the monastic complex.

Present Situation

1.     The security measure lack in protective cover to the whole site.
2.      Instances of theft of antiquities from the site have been reported.
3.     The antiquity recovered from the site is in isolated state.

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