Christel Pilz

CHRISTEL                                                                              Message from Christel Pilz

“Having seen wars and conflicts over the past 40 years as the Southeast Asian Correspondent for leading German newspapers I felt time had come to stop reporting and devote myself to create bridges among people of whatever  belief or nationality. How to do? By opening and giving my heart, by realizing what Lord Buddha has shown to mankind. Nothing Lord Buddha said and taught was new.All is eternal Truth. As a messenger of the Great Creator, he just reminded and showed the path for all who want to follow and are willing to overcome their perception, to control their EGO and use their mind as the servant of their heart. Sidhartha Gauri’s campaign strives to create a platform for all want to do just this as only  then mankind will be able to live in harmony and peace with all there is”.

Christel Pilz, Thailand

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