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For centuries, millions of followers of the teachings of the Buddha understood the synonymous relationship of Bihar and the Buddhacārikā. For it was here in Bihar that the Buddha started his spiritual journey; it was here that his Journey of Enlightenment took its fruition; and it was here that he became the Buddha.

After the Mahāparinirvāṇa of the Buddha, his footsteps were marked with pillars, monasteries, cetiyas and stūpas. Travelogues of Venerable Faxian (5thcentury CE), Venerable Xuanzang (7thcentury CE), Venerable I-Tsing (7thcentury CE), Venerable Hwui Lun (7thcentury CE) and Venerable Dharmaswāmin (12thcentury CE) all recorded the arduous journey of monks and scholars as they made pilgrimage to this land with intent to seek the true Dhamma.

Evidence suggests that in the 14th century CE, the elaborate “Footsteps of the Buddha” pilgrimage apparently seems to be coming to its ebb. The process of rediscovering the roots of this long buried culture within the layers of mounds started in the early 19th century by a group of explorers. Thanks to these explorations and excavations over the last two centuries, many pilgrimage sites associated with the teachings of the Buddha are now ready to be walked again.

Another milestone in this long journey of the Dhamma is the “Revival of the Ancient Buddhist Pilgrimage” earlier walked by followers of the Dhamma as mentioned by Venerable Xuanzang in the 7th century CE.

Bihar is a treasure chest filled with monasteries and stūpas remains scattered all over, some in plain sight and others just under the surface. Our team is engaged in documenting and generating awareness towards the protection and preservation of tangible and intangible remains of the glorious Buddhist past of Bihar. One of the prime objectives of our team is to revive the ancient Buddhist pilgrimage walked by Venerable Xuanzang.

I want to share my excitement with you as I discover new gems each day and realize the insatiable offerings of this place… join me and indulge!

Thank you

Peace be our virtue

Deepak Anand



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