Dhammachherta: The Lost Land of Buddha

2300 years ago present Haryana was an important place where Buddhism flourished to its maximum limits.  Scriptural evidences state that Buddha himself visited Haryana and laid the foundation of Buddhism. It was believed that Buddhism existed in Haryana till 12th century A.D. but present findings of mystical Buddhist monuments in Haryana like Stupa’s, Vihars (monasteries),  Idols,  painted grey ware etc.  gives the proof that people here practiced Buddhism till 14th century A.D.  The film explain how these ancients Buddhist sacred Stupas came into existence, their construction in different dynastic rules and their spiritual importance in the lives of Buddhist monks and followers.

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These ancient monuments of  Haryana are similar to monuments found in Sarnath which is considered to be one of four   important places  which every Buddhist around the world wish to see and visit . These unseen monuments will be an great attraction to them.



  1. I visited Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri, and Udaigiri in Orissa in February 2015. I feel very privileged to have been able to travel to these Buddhist sites, they are really special. Cilla

  2. Like this place in Haryana, Lalitgiri in the state of Odisha, India is also being hailed as a massive center of Buddhism during its golden age. Excellent workmanship of buddhist architecture have been excavated here that are unique and beautiful. The irony is that buddhism died in the land of its birth.

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