Dr. Mastoor Fatima Bukhari

Dr. Mastoor                                                                       Message for Dr. Mastoor Fatima Bukhari

It’s really give me an immense pleasure to read about the international campaign of sign “Save Stupas Save Buddha”, I feel so much pain getting frustrated to see the threatened condition of Stupas of Sindh ,Pakistan. Now I am more than happy that I m not alone, “The Buddhist Forum,” is with me and we all are with this forum in support for  such a noble cause.

Sidhartha, you find me always behind you. Please include in your campaign Pakistan Stupas specially Stupas of Sindh and threatened rock art of Pakistan{ Buddhist art in Gilgit , Baltistan}, endangered by Diamer Basha Dam.

We Pakistanis are Sufi in nature, respect every faith and love peace. I pay my best and warm wishes, future success to all the members of “The Buddhist Forum” and its supporters all around the globe. Please wish me good luck so that I can do my best to preserve and promote Sindh Stupas.

Dr. Mastoor Fatima Bhukari

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