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                                                                       Message from Dr.Sonia Jasrotia

It was like a good news from me , when I came to know to know about the  international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” launched by the “The Buddhist Forum” for the preservation of the ancient Buddhist monuments all over Asia. Beside this I feel this campaign gives a opportunity to all the citizens of Asian countries to bring us on a common platform of interfaith harmony as already many personalities from different faiths and religions are coming forward to support it .

Nearly in all the Asian countries we have seen the ancient Buddhist monuments and if these monuments are promoted at the international level as under pilgrimage tourism it can enhance the national economy, which the one of the positive outcome highlighted through this campaign.  About the introduction of Buddhism in Kashmir we all know that Buddhism was introduced into Kashmir by Ashoka. Mahavamsa explains that Moggaliputta Tissa Thera – chairman of third Buddhist council and the religious advisor of king Ashok,sent missionaries to different parts of India and abroad for propagation of Buddhism.

The fourth Buddhist Council was held under king Kanishka who was a powerful king of the Saka race. He held control over a wide area of country including Kabul , Gandhara , Sindh, North – West India , Kashmir and part of Madhyadesha. It is almost certain that the date of the council held  under his patronage was about 100 A.D. Buddhism flourished in Kashmir in ancient time and patronized by different Kings of Kashmir for propagation of Dhamma, peace and harmony.

I lend my support to this international sign campaign.

In the end I like to congratulate and wishes success to all the members of the “The Buddhist Forum” that there efforts can bring more peace and harmony in the world.

Harmony and Peace to all .

Dr.Sonia Jasrotia

Department of Buddhist Studies, University of Jammu

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