Sidhartha Gauri at IBC, New Delhi

Sidhartha Gauri attended as a delegate in the founding members meeting on September 10 ,2012 of International Buddhist Confederation , New Delhi in Hotel Hyatt Regency . In which one of the... Read more »

Conference on developing Buddhist pilgrimage circuit

The members of “The Buddhist Forum” Mr.Sidhartha Gauri , Major R.S.Bhatti and Mr.Manoj Thankur gave a presentation on the developing the Buddhist pilgrimage circuit in Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in  One-day... Read more »

Meeting Dasho Dorji Tshering,Bhutan

TBF President Mr. Sidhartha Gauri met the Director General of Cultural Dept. Bhutan, Dasho Dorji Tshering, regarding the International Sign Campaign ‘Awakening Asia – A Global Responsibility’ on 8th March 2013. He... Read more »

Nepal Visit

Mr. Sidhartha Gauri made his second visit to Nepal to seek more support for the international sign campaign . He meet Ven. Kondayana , who after listening about the advantage s of... Read more »

Joining and worshiping with Vietnamese pilgrimage in New Delhi

Mr. Sidhartha Gauri joined the group of Vietnamese pilgrimage in National Museum , New Delhi. Ven. Dr. Thich Nhat Tu was brifed about the internatinal sign camapign by Mr. Sidhartha Gauri. After... Read more »

Thailand visit

Mr. Phallop, General Secretary of world Fellowship of Buddhist appreciated the international sign campaign”Save Stupas Save Buddha” and wish future success in this direction. Most Ven. Prof. Dr. Dhammakosajarn , Rector ,... Read more »

Laos Visit

President of The Buddhist Forum Mr. Sidhartha Gauri meet with the His Holiness Phra Achan Mha Phong Samaleuk , the acting supreme patriach of Laos. After briefing about the internatinal sign campaign... Read more »

Delegates from World Buddhist Congregation New Delhi Visited Distt. Yamuna Nagar

A group of 28 people who participated in World Buddhist Congregation 2011 held in New Delhi from China , Russia , Kazakhstan, Ukraine , Japan were welcomed by members of the “The... Read more »

Global Buddhist Congregation New Delhi

Sidhartha Gauri president of “The Buddhist Forum” was invited as one of the speaker in Global Buddhist Congregation 2011 held in New Delhi . Which is considered to be one of the... Read more »

Bangladesh Visit

The campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” was well received in Bangladesh. Sir Fazel Hassan Abed founder and chairman of BRAC (Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee) has joined as an Patron to support the... Read more »