Internatinal Buddhist Conference 2014 in Lumbini,Nepal


Sidhatha Gauri, President ‘The Buddhist Forum’ presented his paper on report on ancient Buddhist sites in India ’in IBC 2014. The International Buddhist Conference 2014 was held from 15- 18 November 2014 in Lumbini, Nepal.

The conference was held with a joint initiative of Nepal Theravada Buddhist Academy and Myanmar Sitagu International Buddhist Academy.

The declaration states to enhance promotion of archaeologically and spiritually significant Buddhist heritages of world, promote Buddhist education and to co-work for sustainable development of Lumbini and adjoining areas.

The conference called on the international community for a joint effort to spread the publicity of Buddhist education around the globe by promoting and protecting Lumbini.

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  1. It is very unfortunate that I was stopped to enter in the Buddha Garden by security for no reason in kurukshetra.

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