Jagath Sumathipala

jagat sumatipali                                                                    Message from Jagat Sumathipala

The Supreme Teachings of the Buddha is to refrain from doing evil, to indulge in doing good and we all as Buddhists should be dedicated to tread this path.

The protecting of Ancient Ruins and Stupas related to Buddhist Culture is a very important issue today as these Ruins and monuments illuminate Buddhist Cultural Heritage for generations to come.

It is our utmost duty to protect and safeguard Ancient Buddhist Monuments and Stupas for the wellbeing of the world. It is also noteworthy to mention at this moment Anagarika Dharmapala (Ven. Sri Devamithra Dharmapala) from Sri Lanka who made effort and fought to preserve Buddha Gaya, the sacred site where Ascetic Sidhartha attained Supreme enlightenment, illuminating the path of the whole of mankind towards Moksha.

I appeal all to get together in this campaign to protect and safeguard all neglected Buddhist monuments and Stupas all over Asia, treating it as a global responsibility and I especially thank The Buddhist Forum in India for organizing this campaign. I hope that their commitment will definitely bring peace, cultural union and economic development to Asia through mutual cooperation.

Jagat Sumathipala           President of All Ceylon Buddhist Congress , Sri Lanka.

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