Join Us – Asoka Edicts Park

An Appeal

Respected Sir/Madam,

Warm wishes .Our mission is to promote the edicts of Emperor Asoka for bringing prosperity and harmony in the world. To achieve our goal of establishing this park, we need financial help from various organizations, we need your extending helping and will entitle you a sponsorship of Asoka Edicts Park which will provide some practical benefits to your organization in the form of:

1. A permanent advertisement and acknowledgement of your organization will be highlighted in the form of rock-plate inscription slab. At an appropriate place in the park In the rock-plate inscription slab your support for any of the sections like Reconstruction of Rock cuts , Replicas of Pillars , Upagupta Research Centre , Pathways within site , Boundary Wall , Landscaping and other monumental art works will be acknowledged and showcased .

2. In the case of sponsoring the Upagupta Research Centre / Worshiping Place (Shree Maha Bodhi Tree) a rock-plate inscription slab with of 4*4 with name and description in 100 words about your organization will be placed at two locations on the site.

3. Sponsoring an individual Asoka pillar and Rock Edict will have your organization name and description in 50 words on a rock-plate inscription slab of 2*2 close to the monument replica.

If your organization is interested in taking up any of these sponsorship opportunities, please fill in the attached form and e-mail to: .For more details please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward for your co-operation , support and an early reply .

Sidhartha Gauri
The Buddhist Forum
1, Shivaji Park near Pyara Chowk ,Yamunanagar -135001 Haryana (India)