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Dear Friends,

I , Sidhartha Gauri from ’The Buddhist Forum’ based in India , pay my deepest regards to you all . In modern times, the presence of internal and neighbouring conflicts are forcing Asian countries to become envious of each other and sometimes leading them to brink of war. If it happens, this could bring catastrophic effect on humanity.

In order to sow the seeds of peace , harmony and prosperity, this international sign campaign launched for preservation and promotion of ancient Buddhist sites will usher in peace, cultural unification and economic development in the Asian countries. Hence this campaign seeks your valuable signature expressing your will to stand for this cause. It is our belief that every signature will make the nations to think on using peace as a means of co-existence with their neighbour countries.

You are free to mail your signatures through inlands, Postcards and letters also. Your valuable signatures will be submitted to Secretary General of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) as a global appeal to form an international body for the preservation and promotion of the Buddhist monuments and relics all over Asia.

We are waiting for your signatures, participation and suggestions for this noble cause.

Thanking You
Sidhartha Gauri
The Buddhist Forum

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We cordially invite Spiritual Organizations, Non-Government Organizations and Corporate Firms from different parts of the World for their support and participation in International sign campaign ‘Reawakening Asia ’ to create a global awareness for bringing peace through the preservation and promotion of ancient Buddhist monuments all over Asia.

With your active participation in the sign campaign it can reach to large number of people in your areas to create awareness about our mission.
To become a partner in this campaign, Please Email us the following information about your organization.

1. Name of Organization (Letter from President or General Secretary
2. Permanent Postal Address
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4. Fax Number
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