Mathura Art

Mathura school of art is regarded as an center of Indian ancient art. The period  of Mathura school of art coincided with the rule of the Kushanas. The city of Mathura was a centre religious and artistic importance  under the supremacy of the Kushanas. Brahmanism, Buddhism and jainism is very well distinguished in the Art of Mathura.The Mathura school of art reached the zenith of success during the reign of the Kushanas and expanded further in the Gupta period. The artists of Mathura school of Art created  sculptures which are immortal in the history of art in India. Mathura also was a great centre of art and culture during this period.It is believed that the first Buddha images were carved at Mathura simultaneously if not earlier, with the Gandhara school.  Mathura has produced Buddha images of various dimensions. The Mathura art is observed at various other places, such as Sarnath, Sravasti and even as far as Rajgir in Bihar.