Meeting V.C of Kurukshetra university,Kurukshetra


On 18-1-2012, the members of The Buddhist Forum Mr.Sidhartha Gauri , Major R.S.Bhatti, Mr. Manoj Thakur and Mr. Suresh Panjetha, President of  Gram Topra Kalan Kalayan Samiti meet the Hon. Vice Chancellor of Kurukshetra University Lt General (Rtd) Dr D.D.S Sandhu regarding the technical inputs in farming out the planning of Asoka Edicts Park at Topra Kalan. The two N.G.O’S sought the help from the Department of Tourism and Department of ancient history of K.U.K in form of resource information on this concept of the Park. In the meeting Dr. Deshwal, Prof. Ranbir Singh and  Prof.S.S.Boora were also present.

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