Prof.G.S.Murty MSc., Ph.D.

G S MURTI                                                                        Message From Prof.G.S.Murty

The need of the times in India is to synthesis and coordination in all religions and faiths towards the national cultural awareness . This dynamic young man Sidhartha has launched a sign campaign ” Save Stupas Save Buddha” through “The Buddhist Forum” reviving the neglected ancient Buddhist sites in India and Asia , so that true message of peace and compassion of Buddha keeps on enlightening the humanity. My first meeting with Sidhartha was during my recent visit to Sri Lanka. It happened  in a Sarvodaya rural development programme organized Dr. A.T. Aryaratne the living legendary of “Sarvodaya movement” in Sri Lanka.This gave us an opportunity to grasp the work and mission of “The Buddhist Forum” and the meticulous work done by Sidhartha and his colleagues. We realized that this young man, through this forum has firm and well laid down plans to full fill the task on hand, thus etching out a indelible mark on the path of Buddha for the benefit of the future generations and of Asia.

I wish him and all those join him in this noble mission, success at every stage.

Peace to All
Prof.G.S.Murty , Former Head  Dept. of Chemistry and Director School of Chemistry,Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.

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