Prof. P.D.Premashiri

p2                                                                        Message from Prof. P.D. Premashiri

I, Prof. P.D.Premashiri  pay my best wishes to all the members of the  “The Buddhist Forum”and people around the globe supporting the international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” which is truly a peace building campaign with other traits like economic development and building stronger cultural ties  among the Asian countries .

It was after  meeting with Mr. Sidhartha Gauri , president of “The Buddhist Forum” who briefed me about the international sign campaign and its importance in the present time . After reading and analyzing all the expects of the campaign , I took this decision to support the campaign .

I request all to the world community to support this campaign which bring the message interfaith harmony and  universal brotherhood .

Peace to all .
Prof. P.D.Premashiri

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