Dasho Karma Ura

                                                            Message From Dasho Karma Ura By the grace of epochal visits of the Precious Guru, Padma Sambhava in the eight century to Bhutan, our fatherland has... Read more »

Lopen Karma Phuntsho

                                                         Message from Lopen Karma Phuntsho    Ancient monuments represent the glory and greatness of our past. In these legacies, we find inspirations from the past in order to inform our present and... Read more »

Kuldip Nayar

Message from Kuldip Nayar Ancient Buddhist Heritage sites fill the blanks in history of old days when peace was the message they pervaid. The sites reflect Lord Buddha’s message of harmony and... Read more »

Dr. Shahnaj Husne Jahan

                                                                   Message form Dr.Shahnaj Husne Jahan As an academician and archaeologist by profession, I feel international campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” initiated by “The Buddhist Forum” is doing a wonderful job because... Read more »

Ven. Kondanya

                                                                  Message  From Ven. Kondanya Nepal surrounded by the Himalayan peaks got blessed with the birth of Lord Buddha. One of  the greatest spiritual master on earth spent the days of youth... Read more »

Dr.Sonia Jasrotia

                                                                       Message from Dr.Sonia Jasrotia It was like a good news from me , when I came to know to know about the  international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” launched by the... Read more »

Deepak Anand

                                                                            Message from Deepak Anand For centuries, millions of followers of the teachings of the Buddha understood the synonymous relationship of Bihar and the Buddhacārikā. For it was here in Bihar that... Read more »

Ven. Jinwol

                                                                         Message from Ven. Jinwol After meeting and listening about the international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” from Mr. Sidhartha Gauri the president of the “The Buddhist Forum” appealed me lot... Read more »

Dr. Mastoor Fatima Bukhari

                                                                       Message for Dr. Mastoor Fatima Bukhari It’s really give me an immense pleasure to read about the international campaign of sign “Save Stupas Save Buddha”, I feel so much pain getting... Read more »

Zeba Barua

                                                                       Message from Zeba Barua Its gives me immense pleasure to read about the international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” launched by “The Buddhist Forum” from India.  I feel it is... Read more »