Dr. Shahnaj Husne Jahan

                                                                   Message form Dr.Shahnaj Husne Jahan As an academician and archaeologist by profession, I feel international campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” initiated by “The Buddhist Forum” is doing a wonderful job because... Read more »

Dr.Sonia Jasrotia

                                                                       Message from Dr.Sonia Jasrotia It was like a good news from me , when I came to know to know about the  international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” launched by the... Read more »

Ven. Jinwol

                                                                         Message from Ven. Jinwol After meeting and listening about the international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” from Mr. Sidhartha Gauri the president of the “The Buddhist Forum” appealed me lot... Read more »

Dr. Mastoor Fatima Bukhari

                                                                       Message for Dr. Mastoor Fatima Bukhari It’s really give me an immense pleasure to read about the international campaign of sign “Save Stupas Save Buddha”, I feel so much pain getting... Read more »

Zeba Barua

                                                                       Message from Zeba Barua Its gives me immense pleasure to read about the international sign campaign “Save Stupas Save Buddha” launched by “The Buddhist Forum” from India.  I feel it is... Read more »

Dr. Shashi Bala

                                                                            Message from Dr. Shashi Bala I appreciate the vision and mission of the Buddhist Forum – Voice of Dhamma.Reminding the message and mission of Asoka is valuable for the world today... Read more »

Ven.Sayadej Vongsopha (Ekaggacitto Bhikkhu)

                                                                      Message from Ven.Sayadej Vongsopha The campaign ” Save Stupas Save Buddha” is truly the universal concept of promoting peace among Asian countries, economic growth and cultural ties and this will contribute... Read more »

Basanta Bidari

                                                                                   Message from Basanta Bidari For many centuries pilgrims have revered the spot where Koliyas of Devadaha built the majestic stupa keeping the relics of the Buddha. Today pilgrims and visitors from... Read more »

Benoy K. Behl

                                                                           Message from Benoy K. Behl   I believe it is a noble endeavor of the “The Buddhist Forum” to bring all the Asian countries together on a common platform to preserve... Read more »

Gull Hussien Bayzadah

                                                                      Message from Gull Hussien Bayzadah I,Gull Hussien wishes warm congratulate to Mr. Sidhartha Gauri and members of “The Buddhist Forum “ who are working to promote the ancient Buddhist sites... Read more »