Ven. Kondanya

Ven. Kondanya

                                                                  Message  From Ven. Kondanya

Nepal surrounded by the Himalayan peaks got blessed with the birth of Lord Buddha. One of  the greatest spiritual master on earth spent the days of youth in the land of Nepal for which we all Nepalese feel pride and honor . from Nepalese people are deeply connected with Lord Buddha , his teachings and his Monuments.

I feel happy that “The Buddhist Forum” from India is working hard for the promotion of the ancient Buddhist monuments and sites in different Asian countries which need world attention.

In the past , most of the Asian countries experienced the richness of the Buddhist culture and arts. The international signature campaign”Save Stupas  Save Buddha” will act as catalysts to strengthen unity amongst the Asian countries for global peace and harmony .

I wish Mr. Sidhartha Gauri and all members of the Buddhist forum to succeed in this noble mission.


Yours in Dhamma with regards

Ven. Kondanya

Chief Abbot, Buddha Vihar Bhrikutimandap ,Ktm-31

General Secretary , All Neapl Bhikku Association

Executive Member , Lumbini Development Trust

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