Vision and Mission



Promotion of philosophy of Emperor Asoka for prosperity in the world.
The essence of philosophy of Emperor Asoka’s rule was “ Gross Universal Welfare and Happiness”. It is intended to spread the message of tolerance, harmonious co-existence among the people. This park will endeavour to propagate this philosophy of Emperor Asoka among the people of the world.

Promoting ancient monuments related to Emperor Asoka all over Asia.
Asoka Edicts Park will emerge as a place in India where the replicas of all available Asoka pillars and rocks in Asia will be established. They will inspire pilgrims and travellers to visit places where original pillars and rock edicts are located . In this way these places will also be promoted and become important pilgrimage and tourism destinations.

Model-Movement for rural uplift in India.
The Village Topra Kalan intends to establish the “Asoka Edicts Park” in order to initiate holistic growth of the community along with identifying and protecting the rich ancient Heritage of the area. This model of growth will become a source of inspiration for the rest of the villages of India & usher in an era of prosperity of the Nation.

Building stronger cultural ties with Asian countries.
Through the promotion of Emperor Asoka edicts we can once again revive cultural ties among the majority of Asian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Japan , Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and many more.

Our Mission

To establish ‘Asoka Edicts Park’ in Village Topra Kalan, showcasing prominent Asokan Rock and Pillar edicts along with relevant faculties in one compact location, which were erected by Emperor Asoka during his reign and now located in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, , Nepal and India. Thereby promoting Emperor Asoka’s pillar and rock edicts all over Asia as Global pilgrimage tourism and heritage circuit.

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