Yuriy Zavhorodniy, Ph. D. in Philosophy

P1                                                                             Message from Yuri Zavhorodniy

Buddhist sacred places are very important sites not only for Buddhist people in India and other Buddhist countries, but also for all intelligence and educational people around the world. Such places can really save holiness, as well as historical memory over the centuries and even millennium.

More of them are unique monuments of architecture, archeology and history. All-round studying, preservation, respect and popularization of Buddhist sacred places are extremely important and actual. Therefore activity of Mr. Sidhartha Gauri, directed on preservation of Buddhist sacred places, deserves not only all support in India, but also attention in other countries.

With a wish of new successes,
Yuriy Zavhorodniy , Rsearcher,G. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


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